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What is Try Local?

The Try Local series at Anaina Hou represents the best of Kaua`i, including culinary exploration, storytelling, art, and other place-based activities. Meet members of our Native Hawaiian community as they share their traditions and ‘ōlelo (language), as well as other artisans and farmers who make up Anaina Hou Community Park’s `ohana (family).


Try Local Events

About the Ahi Lele Fire Show

The tiki torches are flickering and you feel the whisper of the warm tropical breezes. Then you hear the sound and feel the vibration of the blow of the conch shell. The Ahi Lele has begun. Journey through Hawaiian culture and history with fire dancing, storytelling, and the exhilarating beat of Polynesian drumming.

Farmers Market

Our farmers market is growing as we continue to support local agriculture, local food distribution, local artisans and the local economy. The market now boasts over 40 vendors. All vendors feature Kauai Grown Produce or Kauai Made Crafts. We’ve expanded the market over three market places each featuring unique offerings from around the island.

Kanikapila: Local Experience

Join us every week for an enchanting evening of music, camaraderie, and aloha spirit at our weekly Kanikapila event. Held in Kilauea at Anaina Hou Community Park, this cherished gathering celebrates the rich tradition of Hawaiian music and the joy of spontaneous musical collaboration.

Try Local Events