Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

If you’d like to give a helping hand, shoot us an email at Info@Anainahou.org and let us know what volunteer activity you are interested in.  Activities range in needed skill level and physical ability.  

Get Involved

Mini Golf & Botanical Gardens

  • Pond cleaning 
  • Power washing holes and cement pathways 
  • Hand Weed a hole in mini golf
  • Regrout the paver stones around a mini golf hole
  • Power washing various areas on campus.
  • Weeding various garden beds upper and lower 
  • Clean Golf Clubs
  • Clean and Polish Golf Balls
  • Shampooing Lanai Cushions
  • Wood polishing tables and chairs
  • Tabling at the entrance for fundraising initiatives
  • Greeting School Groups

Kitchen and Culinary Programs

  • Food Prep for our weekly cultural programming

  • Hand out food for Cruise Ship Lunches and School Group Lunch Tours

Pavilion and Events

  • Wristband at events
  • Paint a section of fence
  • Repot plants
  • Cleaning furniture (shampooing pillows & couches)
  • Check in For Events
  • Table for Fundraising Initiatives


  • Powerwash a slide
  • Rake wood chips in playground area
  • Table for donation initiatives at Playground (variable dates)
  • Join our fundraising teams

General Park

  • Repaint a section of fence
  • Sunday morning trash pick up
  • Hand weed flower beds
  • Repaint picnic tables
  • Paint the bus stop
  • High up tree trimming

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