Of all the many adventures we had on Kauai that week, this one was the most satisfying in terms of getting in touch with the local culture.

Kim Westerman, Senior Contributor


Our chefs and menu have continued to change as our program evolves. Here’s a great write up from the program’s origins under Chef Troy. Full article here. Join us every Saturday with Chef Amy in our newly expanded cooking hale at the entrance to the Porter Pavilion lawn.

Under the guidance of your tour guide, you’ll navigate the largest gathering of local farmers on Kauai and select fresh island ingredients for your Ohana meal. The motto of the tour is “many hands make light work” and you will embody this motto as every pair on the tour assists in prepping the unique ingredients before combining everyone’s efforts to create an amazing farm fresh baked meal to share.

Woven into the tour will be lots of talk story with the farmers, interesting local history and education on why food security is so important to Kaua’i and the State as a whole. The tour culminates in the chef-guided preparation and consumption of local recipes utilizing the just purchased local ingredients.

All participants will get their own grocery tote as a souvenir to remind them to buy local, wherever they go!

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